Thé solution for asset management and website maintenance

Welcome to the simplest solution for storing and sharing your asset files and maintain your website.

Many organisations are searching for the best way for their company to store and share assets. Digging through lots of files on a (network share) disk to get the correct asset can take up alot of time and effort. To make this process alot easier we created 

Stay in full control of what asset is shared in and outside the manager, with simplyfied methods of storing and editing information about your assets. 

This system now also contains a full CMS, which is built with ease of use in mind. Most Content Management Systems are big and have many capabillities which for the most part are never used. Our CMS has and does all you need to create your website!

With built-in capabillities to add a login-system to your website and secure certain content for certain user groups, sharing of assets as downloads or directly using assets on webpages, selecting between several templates for the output of your content, selecting if content is 'not' or 'always' visible or only visible for a certain amount of time and many more.








Software as a Service, for your convenience!

Elastic Asset Management is a cloud based SaaS solution. This means no installation or hosting yourself. It is directly ready for use.



  • Easy access to shared assets
  • Easy access to all informational data of assets
  • Simple overview of assets
  • Copy a link to an asset directly to your clipboard
  • Search through assets
  • Read Exif data from jpeg and tiff files
  • Create personal collections for easy sharing groups of assets
  • Fully functional CMS
  • Share content with start and stop date
  • Group assets by uploading additional assets
  • Create collections of assets
  • View assets grouped by type
  • Filter assets by type
  • Bring back deleted items
  • Preview Office documents
  • Share and/or use assets on the front-end
  • Share and/or use assets on secured pages on the front-end
  • Simple workflow
  • Download an asset directly from the manager
  • Get resized assets (for .jpg and .png assets)
  • Read IPTC data from jpeg and tiff files
  • Share assets and collections via e-Mail
  • Add login to your front-end
  • Switch content per date
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 is a product of © 2017